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Category: Therapies

Eduvigis Contreras Psicóloga

The commitment in psychological therapies

When one has any type of discomfort, the impulse of every living being is to remove it. When the living being is a human being and the discomfort is emotional, the conscious impulse is to get rid of it. This

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Maternidad Subrogada Programa Horizontes Cuatro

Surrogacy and Adoption

Lucía Torres, Psychiatrist and medical director of Tranquilamente participated in the debate on Surrogacy Motherhood on the Horizontes program on the Cuatro network on March 31. Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. José Cabrera, Carlos Sardinero, Lawyer, and Rocío Núñez Calonge, Doctor of Biology, specialist in

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Lucía Torres Psiquiatra pasando Consulta en Tranquilamente

Consequences of addiction to new technologies in young people

OK Diario has published an article by  Lucía Torres, psychiatrist and medical director at Tranquilamente, in which she reflects on the consequences that addiction to new technologies has on adolescents. Today’s young people literally live glued to the screens, they were born with  technology , it is their

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