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Lucía Torres, Psychiatrist and medical director of Tranquilamente participated in the debate on Surrogacy Motherhood on the Horizontes program on the Cuatro network on March 31.

Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. José Cabrera, Carlos Sardinero, Lawyer, and Rocío Núñez Calonge, Doctor of Biology, specialist in assisted reproduction and bioethics, also participated in the debate.

From the point of view of Doctor Lucía Torres, Surrogacy is a very complex issue in which the child should be the most important thing to take into account throughout the process. Furthermore, the link is a very relevant factor to assess.

Adoption is sometimes compared to surrogacy. Adoption is very positive and restorative for the child. The families that choose the adoption process are admirable and also the children who make their way in a life different from the one their destiny pointed out.

The impact of damage to the bond in some cases of adoption is evident; it is one more challenge to overcome in the face of this act of mutual generosity.

The main difference between surrogacy and adoption is that when the adoption occurs, the possible damage has already been done, and the adoptive parents come to repair the pain of abandonment in the child, while in the case of surrogacy the damage It has not occurred previously, but is an act that we “perform” or carry out voluntarily.

For this reason, we believe that it would be essential to carry out studies that evaluate the emotional well-being of these children born through surrogacy, and determine whether or not it damages the child’s ability to bond and trust in the world.